Sustainable & Cultural Journeys

Sustainable & Cultural Journeys

Bermuda Information

Located about 800 miles from the US, the island of Bermuda some say, is where tourism was conceived.  We have been welcoming visitors to our shores for centuries.  Mark Twain fell in love with Bermuda, having visited the island 8 times and famous Irish poet Thomas Moore wrote some of his best poetry while in Bermuda.   Today, this 21 square mile island is not without outside influence, but it has maintained its idyllic nature and is still a popular choice for many.


The people of Bermuda have shone through years and have made tourism what it is today.  We are known for a high standard of hospitality, which is sure to make you feel welcomed and want to return time and time again.


Bermuda is sure to captivate you.   From its mesmerising sunsets, its abundant cultural heritage, some of the best beaches and natural beauty in the world and the wonderful people of Bermuda, our little island has lots to offer.  We think Bermuda is the ideal destination to travel sustainably, and we can’t wait to help you with this!



Requirements to Enter the Country

A return ticket to your country of residence, proof of accommodation during your stay and enough money to sustain your stay, depending on what you decide to do while on island. 



Most nationalities can travel to the island visa-free.  Check Here for more information on visa requirements.



No vaccinations are required previous to your visit to Bermuda. Unless you come from a yellow fever infected area, because we're a small community and we like to stay healthy.

If you still feel a little unsure, we recommend you to visit your doctor 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to get the medicines and vaccinations that you may specifically require. Here is a list of measures that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (US) advices.


Size & Population

21 miles long and 1 mile wide equates to 21 square miles of island adventure.  We’re small in size but we make a big impact.  Our population is approximately 65,000 people.



Christianity is the main religion of Bermuda, but we also have Muslim and other religious communities.  There are also many Christian denominations including Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, AME, Seventh Day Adventists, Orthodox and non-denominational among many others.  In fact, Bermuda has the most churches per square mile in the world!



When we’re in the US, we’re often told our dialect sounds British and when we’re in England, we’re told we sound American.  When it comes down to the crux, if you speak English, you will be able to communicate with us as we are an English speaking island!  If you know some Portuguese, you’ll also be in good stead due to the large Portuguese community in Bermuda who have maintained their native Portuguese language. 



Some activities in Bermuda are climate dependent, but there are many activities you can do in Bermuda all year round.  Of course, if you're looking for the hottest Bermuda weather (80+ degrees Fahrenheit) the months of June – October are for you.  If you are looking for milder weather (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit), then the months November – May will be more comfortable.


Best time to come

The best time to come is anytime!   There are activities for you all year round.


What should you bring

Bring a swimsuit!  We are surrounded by a beautiful Ocean and it is possible to swim year-round like some locals already do. I have taken dips in November and not only is the water refreshing, but you have the beach to yourself and there is teaming wildlife to see.  Bring a smile and a good sense of humor. Bermudians are friendly people and enjoy a good laugh!


Eco Island Travel is a social enterprise travel company focused on helping travellers discover exploration and adventure through sustainable and cultural journeys.  Eco Island Travel makes exploring and having new adventures in Bermuda easier by letting you know the best ways to explore and by creating experiences tailored around you, that all have a positive impact.


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