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Sustainable & Cultural Journeys

10 Ways to Connect with Locals and Support them from Home


Have the travel bug?  Itchy feet?  How about rock fever?  I am guilty too.  I am missing travel.  You may have read in my other blogs how travel has allowed me to connect with people like no other experience has.  Travel has inspired me; I've also been transformed and learned from travel.  But I would be remiss if I didn't say that my most memorable experiences involved interacting with locals.  Connecting with others from different cultures brings me joy in general.  So, when I'm travelling and interacting with locals, I'm in my element.

Connecting with locals provides a more authentic and immersive experience.  However, from a sustainability standpoint, supporting locals and local businesses also stimulate the economy and help with the economic stability of tourism destinations.

Tourism is a growing global industry - globally, 1 in 10 jobs is in the tourism industry.  Bermuda like every tourism destination has not seen any tourists since the pandemic.  This grinding halt to travel has impacted the livelihoods of so many Bermudians involved in the tourism industry, directly and indirectly.  The livelihoods of workers in restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, local attractions as well as tour guides and operators and taxi drivers have all been seriously impacted.

Many communities around the world reliant on tourism have had to look to more creative ways to earn a living during this travel standstill.  To keep people who miss travel engaged in the destination while at home, some have taken to providing a variety of virtual tours.  However, many communities that rely on tourism who lack the technology to create online content have been assisted by tour operators to produce, for example, books with local food cultures and other local content for travellers to consume.  Other tour agencies have launched relief initiatives for local communities who would otherwise be unable to meet their basis needs.

Bermudians like so many other tourist communities have had to become creative during this travel standstill as well.  Obviously, there is nothing that can replace the actual experience of travelling, but while you are missing travelling to our beautiful island right now, here are 10 locals and organisations to help you travel from home by connecting you with locals and ways to give back to the island you miss and love!

1. Bermuda Aquarium 

Since the pandemic started, the Bermuda Aquarium has held an array of virtual workshops, seminars, and lectures to continue their conservation work and have highlighted Bermudians in the community who contribute towards conservation efforts or the preservation of folklife traditions. Previous webinars focused on traditional basket weaving, Bermuda herbs and their uses as well as virtual lecture series. 

Support them by making donations online on their website here.  
Connect with them on Instagram.

2. National Museum of Bermuda 

To stay connected with the community while closed during this pandemic, the National Museum of Bermuda has developed the "At Home with History", a programme that provides learning, literacy supports and fun activities for students, families and life-long learners. The museum has also developed a programme with a new 360 virtual tour of The Hall of History. 

Donations can be made online at their website here which directly supports education and outreach initiatives, the maintenance of their historic buildings and grounds, NMB Staff, and the Museum's collection of 80,000+ objects.  

Connect with them on Instagram.

3. Inspired Fitness

Looking to keep fit during these times while still at home.  Inspired Fitness has adjusted to the 'new norm' by holding virtual Zumba classes.  They now offer virtual classes for every age and fitness level and the First Zumba class is complimentary!

Connect with Inspired Fitness here or here.

4. BermuniTees

BurmuniTees' business model ensures that part proceeds from sales are donated to support local non-profits. They offer a range of candles and branded Bermuda apparel such as socks, hats hoodies and T-shirts for children and adults.  "BermuniTees are the Bermuda tees that give back to the CommuniTee!   Made with premium materials and designed in Bermuda, our products feature a modern tailored slim fit and are available in multiple designs & colors.  They donate a portion of our proceeds back to the community through local charities. BermuniTees are not only meant to make you look good, but also feel good and help you do some good in the process."  

Connect with BermuniTees on Instagram or here.

5. Sweet Saak Bakery 

Sweet Saak Bakery is a local bakery. They are "The quintessential family business. Specializing in traditional Bermudian baked goods, special occasion cakes, and party favours."  Kamilah Cannonier, the owner of the bakery held several virtual demonstrations including a cooking demonstration of one of Bermuda's popular food traditions celebrated during the Easter Holidays, the Bermuda Hot Cross Bun.  Check out her Instagram and Facebook pages for delicious recipes.

Connect with Sweet Saak Bakery here on Instagram or Facebook. 

6. Restaurant Relief Fund 

The Bermuda Tourism's Visitor Service Centres provide visitors with an array of information about Bermuda, including attractions, tours and where to eat.  While the island's tourism workers are still being impacted by the pandemic, the Visitor Service Centres have found an innovative way to support some of those tourism workers who are out of work.  They now sell Bermuda branded merchandise with part proceeds going towards the 'Serving the Servers,' a relief project to support struggling restaurant workers through the pandemic.

Connect with the Visitors Service Centres on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect directly with the 'Serving the Servers'programme by visiting here or here.

7. Fusion Works with Marcia

Since the pandemic began, Marcia remained close to her yoga mat by conducting virtual yoga classes for the community – all at no cost.

Marcia is a qualified yoga teacher and has used this downtime to equip people with the tools to get through these unprecedented times.  She believes that breathing is key to connecting with ourselves. Having taken one of her classes, Marcia has a calming and sweet nature and is patient with people new to yoga. My favourite is the online yoga to Reggae Vibes class.  

Connect with Fusion Works with Marcia on Facebook or Instagram.

8. Lemon and Ginger Vacation Rentals 

Jenita Dyer has always been an incredible ambassador for Bermuda.  She is the owner of Lemon & Ginger Vacation Rentals Airbnb and also offers walking tours near her neighbourhood.  Before the pandemic you could visit her social media to see her showing off our beautiful island of Bermuda.  During the entire pandemic, Jenita kept up the same momentum by actively using her social media to inform visitors about how the pandemic was impacting the island.  She has remained a constant inspiration during this time!  Join Jenita on one of her virtual tours or for one of her online Bermuda Trivia Events. 

Connect with Jenita here.

9. Titan Express

Traditionally, a tour bus operator, Titan Tours has adjusted to the new norm by offering webinars to share with locals and visitors some of Bermuda's rich culture.  Titan Express specializes in tours that take a look at the contributions of black Bermudians.  Bermuda celebrates Emancipation Day on 1 August and as a lead up to this, Titan tours will be holding webinars in July to commemorate Emancipation.

Connect with Titan Express on Instagram or here.   

10. Byways Tours Bermuda

Byways Tours Bermuda operate historical tours of the island. The owner, Heidi has a wealth of knowledge on Bermuda's history.  Since the pandemic and with no visitors, Heidi has been offering numerous virtual tours to allow people who arent able to travel right now, some insight on what they can expect when they visit the island.  Some virtual tours offer part proceeds from sales towards the preservation of Bermuda's natural history.  

Connect with Heidi's virtual tours on Instagram or Facebook.  

Although travel to Bermuda is due to resume on 1 July, 2020, it will be a while until we are back to the swing of things.  In the meantime, enjoy these locals and organisations that you can connect with now and support until you travel again.  

I know this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the organisations and locals in Bermuda who, in response to the pandemic, are taking a creative approach to keep travelers engaged.  So, It would be great if you would provide any feedback about other businesses so that this list can grow.

Eco Island Travel is a social enterprise travel company focused on helping travellers discover exploration and adventure through sustainable and cultural journeys. Eco Island Travel makes exploring and having new adventures in Bermuda easier by letting you know the best ways to explore and by creating experiences tailored around you, that all have a positive impact.
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